Car Rental Essentials - Part 2


This is the second post of car rental essentials series aimed to help you understand car rental industry and give you some insightful tips that might come handy with your next car rental booking online with IzziRent. Please note all tips are mostly based and applicable for IzziRent.com sites. 

In previous post Car rental essentials -part one you read about additional optional costs and today we will talk mostly about the most important thing  - insurance excess topic.

What is Zero Excess?

Before we go on with tips you have to understand zero excess meaning for you as a car rental client.
The simplest explanation for a laic is – if you have zero excess insurance included you will not be blocked any amount on your credit card. And if you damage a car you will not pay anything. However:
·         damage on Tyre
·         wheel damage,
·          interior damage,
·         damage to the roof,
·         damage to the underside of the vehicle,
·         damage to the glass parts of vehicle (including the windscreen),
·          wing mirrors,
·          loss or damage to the car key,
·          locks, aerials,
·         vehicle documents,
·          registration plates and any additional equipment provided with the vehicle.
Are not included in this excess.

Shortly, if you got yourself a rental with included zero excess and you spill a coffee on a seat, you will have to pay for damage. But if someone or you damage car bumper you are safe.
Zero Excess included in the offers is more common practice of American companies while in Europe some suppliers do not have it in the offer, but you can pay additional amount of money per day to reduce the Excess for example from 1200 Eur or more to 200 Eur, 150Eur. This information is always available to our clients in Rental information after you select the car group in insurance coverage section. Read it!


If you have accident with rented car – what to do?

In case of accident with rented car you have to immediately contact your car rental agency  office where you picked up the car – a copy of voucher is good to have with you- and call the police, so the police report is made. 
Almost all offers on our website include 24 hour road assistance in case the vehicle is highly damaged. Of course car rental supplier will provide equal substitute for your car so you can continue with your travel plans.