Car Rental Kosovo - Guide and Tips

Everything you have to know about Pristina Airport

Kosovo is primarily interesting destination for business travellers that visit from all around the world.Because of Kosovo public transportation circumstances, car rental at Pristina airport stands out as the smartest choice. Listed below is essential guide.

Getting to Kosovo Airport

The real simplest way to reach Pristina is certainly by air. You can find direct routes to Pristina International Airport (Adem Jahari) out of almost all European capitals. 

In addition there are as well low-cost scheduled routes with Easyjet airways from Switzerland, Germanwings from Germany and some other countries like Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Spain,Norway, Croatia and even African Mali Express.

For those who arrive at this airport terminal: it is small-scale and at the moment incomplete. Nevertheless not too long ago slightly upgraded in a Balkan way - you should get from the jet to the outside world within just next fifteen minutes. Customs procedure are quick and efficient, no queues.

Pristina downtown itself will be about twenty-five minutes away by an automobile. The numerous taxi cab owners outside of the international airport definitely will offer you transfer rates somewhere between thirty and up to forty Euros for the simple commute to the town. Having said that, a daily car rental will cost much less than a single taxi ride to the city centre.

For those commuting from the airport to other cities in Kosovo like Mitrovica, Prizren or Peja the distance of 80 kilometers will be easily reached independently.

Car rental Pristina airport is straightforward since all the offices are located at the airport terminal. Renting a car for those business travellers that have planned a meeting in Albania is great, as car rental office at Kosovo airport appears among the only ones that will let driving hired vehicles to Albania.

All visitors that are goind to rent a car at Pristina Airport must have a national driving licence and international permit which is not necessary but recommended by savvy travellers.

Many business travelers arrive to Kosovo usually to travel around the region, frequently further to Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro or Albania.

An important notice for travellers that intend to cross the Serbian border from Kosovo: You are not allowed to travel into Serbia from Kosovo if you arrived to Kosovo by plane. Since Serbia doesn't recognize the entry stamp given to the visitor on arrival at Pristina airport. Border crossing with Serbia is possible from Kosovo via Macedonia only.

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