Car Hire Croatia – FAQ

This post is going to present answers on most common questions we receive by email from our customers regarding car hire Croatia.

I want to rent a car in Croatia, but would like to travel to Slovenia for a day or two. Will i have to pay additional fees for doing so?

If you rent a car in Croatia, you may drive for free to  Slovenia – no additional fees . If you intend to drive on Slovenian highways, you will have to buy a Slovenian vignette that is for sale at every petrol station.

Slovenian Vignette 2011
 Weekly vignette price: 15 Eur
Monthly vignette price: 30 Eur

 Not having a vignette in Slovenia can result in penalty between 300 and 800 Euros when stopped by police.

In fact if you decide for car hire Croatia you may drive to:

-              EU countries,
-              Switzerland,
-              Lichtenstein,
-              Vatican,
-              San Marino,
-              Monaco,
-              Norway,
-              Bosnia,
-              Serbia,
-              Montenegro,
-              Macedonia
-              and (for smaller car groups) Albania and Kosovo.

Please note this information is based on our terms in case you book a car with Izzirent.com.  Additionally there are no additional fees for driving to Serbia, Montenegro or Bosnia

Can I rent a car, i am 20 years old?

No, the minimum age to rent a car on Izzirent.com site for Croatia is 21 years. Additionally – if you are 21, you have to possess a driving licence  for at least 2 years.

Is it possible to pay in cash for car hire Croatia?

No. Car rental partner accepts valid credit cards  in the name of the renter that  has to be presented at the time of rental. You may pay with: MasterCard, Visa, Amex  or Diners. Visa Electron is not acceptable.

What is the maximum of mileage / kilometers per rental?
Unlimited. You are not restrained by maximum kilometers. Drive as much as you desire.

How old are the cars available for rent in Croatia?
All cars are usually maximum 1,5 years old. You will never drive old vehicles.

Can i rent a car in Croatia and leave it in Slovenia? Is this cost included in the price?

This is called international one way rental. Whenever you select Slovenia for drop off, the price for international one way rental will be included in the price  you will see at the payment stage. You may leave rented cars from Croatia in Ljubljana Downtown or Ljubljana airport .

May  I take rented car to ferry?
Yes, you may. No additional fees will  apply.

If still havent found what you are looking for, please feel free to drop us an email and we'll gladly help.

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