Car Hire Portugal – 3 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

When you land in this sunny country on the coast of Atlantic Ocean the best way to start your traveling around is to get a car hire Portugal. The roads in the country are excellent and you will get everywhere you want really fast. 

Be sure to stay for a while in Lisbon. This amazing city is one of the most pleasant and affordable cities in Europe. Lisbon has fantastic architecture, excellent seafood, diverse population, nonstop night life and great lookout points. This city combines everything the best in Portuguese life. For sure you have to hop around the bars in Bairro Alto and don’t miss famous Fado bars.

For Obidos people will tell you that it is fairy tale city. When you get car hire Portugal you will get there in 1.5 hours driving north from Lisbon. Obidos is surrounded by city walls and there is the castle at the very end of the city. Old homes are lined all the way in small narrow streets. All around you will find little restaurants and shops which are selling local crafts. 

The castle is now a hotel but still opened for visits. Car hire Portugal can take you 134km towards east to wonderful city of Evora. This city is surrounded by 3 miles of intact medieval walls. Inside the walls you will find beautiful churches in Gothic and medieval style. 

Frescoes in these churches are carved from wood and they are covered in gold that came from Brazil. The most bizarre attraction of Evora is the chapel of the church of San Francisco. The whole chapel decorated with human bones and all of those bones are set in really precise design. The nature in the city and around is just amazing and great to spend a day in picnic.