Cyprus Offers Much More Than Just Resorts

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a total population of 800,000. Throughout the history, every empire wanted to rule this well-placed island. It was always an important commercial centre between Europe, Africa and Eurasia. Larnaca International Airport is an international airport located 4 km south-west of Larnaca. This is the main international airfield of Cyprus. Ususally vistiors to Cyprus pre book car hire at Larnaca airport before arrival online.
The majority of the population is Greek, but there is a considerable Turkish minority. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. In the 1960s, the capital was divided between the island's Greek and Turkish communities in the south and north. An attempted coup to unite the island with Greece in 1974 led to a Turkish invasion, leaving the capital divided since then, with Turkish Cypriots claiming the north as the capital of their own state, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognised only by Turkey.

Nicosia is situated in the middle of the island. The old city is worth seeing, the Venetian wall from the 16th century, the Leventis Museum, which presents the history of the city, and the Cultural Museum. Consider visiting the Byzantian Museum in the Episcopal Palace, and the wonderful Famagusta Gate. In the northern part of the city you can find the Ataturk square, the Levo Girne Gate and the Turkish Museum. One of the most popular landmarks is the Buyuk Hamam, which is a 12th century Turkish bath.

The earliest known human activity on the island dates back to around the 10th millennium BC. Archaeological artefacts from this period include the Neolithic village of Choirokoitia, which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, along with the Tombs of the Kings. Cyprus is home to some of the oldest water wells in the world, and is the site of the earliest known example of feline domestication. I'd consider a car hire service to explore these ancient sites.

In Cyprus, the Carnival is celebrated for 10 days just before the beginning of Lent. The Carnival had been celebrated on the island by dressing up, holding masked balls and visiting friend's houses in fancy costumes. The festival is celebrated in the city of Limassol, which holds the largest annual carnival on the island. The carnival season changes according to the Greek Orthodox calendar on the island.

Limassol is the second largest town in Cyprus, it has an old city and an old harbour. The town is especially romantic at night, with plenty of bars open. The great wine festival is held annually here, which is one of the most popular event for the visitors. For those who love independance and freedom on vacation it is most convenient way to discover all the beauties of the city a car hire in Limassol. The most beloved holiday resort is Kyrenia, which is located at the northern part of the Republic. The greatest attraction of the town is the Mediterranean beach, the intimate streets, the lovely cafes, restaurants, bars. A Roman castle, a Byzantine chapel and a shipwreck museum is located in the town.
However, most of the tourist come to enjoy the sunlight, the breathtaking beach, the blue sea, the overwhelming Mediterranean feeling, the healthy Mediterranean food. Visitors can choose between skiing one the slopes of the Troodos mountain, playing golf by the sea, fitness and wellness activities. With car hire on Cyprus moving around becomes easy and comfortable.